Compassion As A Choice


A young woman stood in the kitchen crying. She just finished cooking dinner from the last bit of groceries she had in her kitchen. As she was pulling out plates, preparing to set the table, tears started running down her face. She grasped the counter, trying not to crumble in the middle of the kitchen, […]

Getting Ready For A New Baby


As you all know, we are getting an addition sometime in June this year. It’s been a while since I had a baby and although I have to admit I was scared at first and couldn’t remember a thing, it’s all slowly starting to come back to me. I guess it’s like riding a bike […]

Fun And Easy Ways To Keep A Healthy Heart


February  is widely regarded as the month of love and Black History Month. But did you know that there is one important day marked on February 6th that should definitely NOT be ignored? February 6th marks the national Go Red For Women Day which is the American Heart Association’s national movement to end heart disease and […]

Restaurant Madera Zapresic Review


You know, pizza in Croatia is a very interesting thing. I mean these guys put eggs on pizzas. 1 egg, over easy, dead center on your pizza. Pepperoni? They wonder what the hell that is. Ham, Croatia has better ham than 90% of any pizza shops in the US that I have ever had the […]

One Word: Focus


Last year, our word of the year was home. I dreamt of home, I yearned for a home, and all the while I had certain lyrics in the back of my head: No matter how hard I try You’re never satisfied This is not a home I think I’m better off alone (lyrics by 3 […]

Madness, Miracles, Millions – An Inspiring True Life Story


It’s been a while since I read a book that left me feeling inspired and motivated to take action. It’s been a while since I had time to devote myself to reading – something that used to be my favorite pastime. So when we moved and we knew we would be without internet for a […]

New Year New Beginnings


We are 5 days into 2015 and we are back! Did you miss us? We missed all of you but with the move and all the stress that came before it, along with the holiday season; we decided to take a much needed break, relax, and get settled in.  We just wanted to give you […]