Croatian vs. American Citizenship

“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride”

Those words still echo in my mind, even after 5 years of marriage. This is a great thing, a happy thing. The curveballs Murphy likes to throw however aren’t so nice to our marriage. I joined a challenge on WordPress, which has helped to get some views on OBM, and has taken me to a couple of other people’s sites, one of which made me realize that someone is brave enough to face the ridicule and present their arms.

[SmibbiesSoapbox] challenges the American stupidity, and she does so with as much reputable resources as she can. I give her a lot of kudos for facing up to the ridicule that I wouldn’t be able to handle. In her Twitter feed, she was looking for more topics that deal with her line of thinking, which spawned a couple of e-mail conversations so far; and it got me excited enough to face the ridicule myself. It is this post that was among a couple of ideas that I presented to her in those e-mails.

ChasingTheDonkey comes from an outside perspective, and is facing something that is years in coming. I have less than half the time she does left before I can do what she may be doing. But the OBM family has plans on returning to the United States.

How does any of this tie in together you may be wondering. Well, allow me to answer that. Mrs. Amelio is of Croatian nationality (look here Frank, we know this because we read the blog), and Mr. Amelio is of American nationality (get to the point idiot). I emigrated from the US to Croatia with my wife, and we have undergone the Croatian version of the prelims for a Green Card for me. When we can move back to the US, we will have to do the same hoop jumping for her, and her son (which is from a previous marriage).

Obtaining Croatian Citizenship

In Croatia, a person must be able to satisfy conditions for a Temporary Stay Permit (or Visa if you prefer). This is relatively easy to do. Be married to a Croatian National, or be working for a Croatian Business for the Employment Visa, or be attending one of the Universities for Educational Visas. These conditions will need to be satisfied on a regular basis; though with Croatia having entered the European Union, they seem to have done away with the yearly recertifications; and just handed out the five year visas. At least the last one I got was for a new five years, and I only have 2 more years to go before I can even consider becoming a Croatian citizen. The cost? The actual money spent, by me, for me, is around 300 kuna a year for the first two years, and a little less for my shiny new five year visa. That puts me into the hole for about 1100 kuna. In a couple of years, I may pay up the extra 300 kuna to get the Croatian Citizenship and hold a Dual Citizenship. Maybe, perhaps, perhaps not.

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  1. says

    Thanks kindly for the shout out Frank, although I have no idea what you mean in your paragraph about me. What is years in coming and half of the time until what exactly? Sorry to seem so daft, but I am just not sure.
    Please do get your citizenship, that way you can come and go as you please as who knows when you’ll wanna come back after being back in the US of A.

    • says

      If I read your original posting correctly; you have roughly 4 or so years before you can even *think* about becoming a citizen of Croatia. I have a little over or under 2 before I can even *think* of it. But the entirety of immigration between our two homelands has me concerned. Croatia doesn’t care about my wife’s and my sex life; but the US o’ A does. Go figure

  2. says

    Thank you so much for linking to my site, I really appreciate that loads. I’m also glad to see you standing up and writing about your struggles with immigration involving Croatia and the U.S. The vast differences between what you have to deal with involving both put me in a state of shock and awe. My heart goes out to you and your wife with so much you guys put up with, especially with such intrusive questions coming from the U.S. end. When I write about immigration in the U.S. I will most definitely use your knowledge and what you have shared with me as a source of information, along with linking to your blog. =)

    • says

      Not a problem in the world there Smibbie. You inspired me to at least take the stand and face the ridicule over the issue; now to face the music *if* & *when* it happens. I know that your blog attempts to question as well as it informs; so in a different spin for me, I tried to put things into perspective for anyone else you may wind up in the American spouse bandwagon. The USA is getting overly intrusive and quite friggen stupid as time goes on.

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