Zero To Hero Challenge: Day 9 – Expanding Your Blogging Community

Today we are assigned to go forth and follow more people. Well, their blogs. Not just any blogs; but ones we like. Follow those whom we would want to establish a dialogue with. Ah jebiga. Can I say that I was never any good at following other people and get away with it? Pretty please?

Well, I don’t know if WordPress would tell on me and let loose who I already follow; which isn’t a whole lot mind you. So; I will be really mean, or really nice and give everyone that I follow for today’s challenge, with special shout outs to those I have been following. All in no particular order. Right.. We can’t play favorites can we? If we play favorites; my beloved wife has everyone else beat; they are lower than six feet compared to her. But I love her. And… and… and… I have to sleep soundly don’t I?

My Current Blogging Community – Those I follow currently, and why:

I enjoy these blogs because of the angle and the willingness to connect with the authors. While the conversations in the comments section may only seem short and sweet; some I have had the opportunity to continue what was started there in e-mails.

[SmibbiesSoapbox] I adore this blog. I am always on the edge of my seat waiting for the next post. But then again, she is discussing the things that I know are wrong with the USA. We share some of the same ideals as to why things are so fucked up. We share some of the same methods on how we present the problem. Though our view points may be similar, they are far from being the same. Why do I follow her when my ( read that as our) blog doesn’t relate in topic matters? Because I hate the idea that an author can only do one thing and one thing only. Hell, if that was the truth I wouldn’t be doing anything outside of playing video games. And I can do some poetry of my own, and I have been told it’s good.

ChasingTheDonkey My wife turned me onto this blog. I would usually just as what was the news and leave it there. I am not one to go do the following bit. I am not the one to go comment. I am learning otherwise while doing this challenge. For sake of saying that the other blogs and I connected. Somewhere, somehow, we connected. Here I share a similar situation. We are both Ex-Patriots (a.k.a. Ex-Pats), and we both live in Croatia. I think I am starting to see a trend.

AnaLynnAmelio This is my wife’s extra blog. Sort of an on-line diary where she fails to mention me very much, she is trying to strut her knowledge. I love her dearly; so to keep you readers occupied I will NOT be listing reasons why I feel the urge to stalk her every on-line outlet. I am just being me and trying to stay in the loop here anyways.

ThePlayground I like her for her way with words. I like the fact that she has food recipes posted. I like her way with words. I like that she has tattoos and piercings. Oh, and she plays with swords. Maybe we can get together one day and sword fight. Her rapier v. my lightsaber. Hmm.. I better get to work on that Jedi training and actually get it built. But the real reason I follow her is because she is willing to supply the booze as long as I like the Flyers. That there is reason enough for me.


A Meandering Mind Ok, so I am not the typical guy. I don’t really dig sports unless it’s some unpopular one. You know, Billiards, Darts, even Bowling is more my speed. I loathe Football (American AND European), Basketball, Baseball; starting to see a trend there? This guy is all about the dating scene (and I’m married o.O) and relationships. I am there with ya man, marriage is nothing more than one big long and fun date.

That’s who I follow. Now to complete the challenge and find 5 more it says. By doing this we are building and connecting our blogging community. It invites people to come visit us, I suggest visiting them. We get along as best we can in this no contact manner. It’s fun to read, and converse. Really it is.

Following a few more for this challenge

I have to follow this one, mainly because my wife did it to me. The Playground made me laugh and giggle and chuckle and get all sorts of giddy; she knowing how hard it is to get me to do that (I guess I have a shitty sense of humor, so shoot me…. please?) had to go see what was going on. Now she is doing the same; so here’s to you Vegas E. Sundance. Now I get to see who is making my wife laugh. I am watching you buddy, I gots me ‘See If I Care’ eye on you….

Next up is The Lunar Workshop. I love what this guy does with art. Plain and simple as that. I can’t get enough of his artwork.

Sadly, after 3 hours of reading some other people, finding one that really got my goat and made me want to reach through the computer and wring their neck to no end while screaming that if he is to lazy to read ALL of Tolkien’s works; then he shouldn’t be calling the LOTR series chock full of racism and plot holes concerning the rings. Man he had me pissed.

I did find however, that absolutely NO ONE has used the Tag: Final Fantasy. I guess I should get off my dead and lazy ass and blow off the dust on my emulators and replay them. And maybe do a blog post guide. Final Fantasy is just too cool to miss out on. Sorry WordPress, I just couldn’t connect after 3 hours of leaving this blog post in a draft state to go off and read others to determine if I want to follow them.

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